Cold Spray | Aluminum


High strength and hardness aluminum alloy blend with excellent corrosion compatability to a wide variety of aluminum substrates, designed for general repairs with high pressure cold spray that ensure exception bond strength with minimal surface preparation

> 130HV
*All mechanical properties are as-sprayed
23 30 40 55 70

This powder is a blend of 5000 series alloy powder with specially designed spherical ceramic constituents that help to achieve exceptional bond strength on any magnesium or aluminum substrate and has even been successfully applied to hardened steel. Because of the 5000 series base, it has excellent corrosion compatability with a wide variety of aluminum substrates minimizing galvanic attack. It achieves the excellent bond properties and combines that with high hardness and mechanical strength even when sprayed with nitrogen or air. While this does not have the ductility of a helium sprayed AL03 or AL06, it can be used to perform non-structural and even semi-structural repair of almost any aluminum alloy. Powder is processed, sized, and blended, then inertly packaged in sizes ranging from 1-10 lbs each. Each lot of powder is characterized to ensure quality with a shelf life of 3 years.

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