Cold Spray | Copper Alloy

Corrosion Protection

Copper nickel-based material designed specifically for cold spray repairs for saltwater applications.

Copper Alloy
*All mechanical properties are as-sprayed
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This copper nickel-based powder is often designated for use in saltwater environments where corrosion resistance is required as it exhibits superior crevice corrosion resistance to pure nickel. This material is also designated in applications requiring wear resistance especially in fretting wear at moderate temperatures. It has been optimized for the high pressure cold spray process spraying with nitrogen or helium and can be built to coating thicknesses > 0.25” with minimal porosity. A hard phase is added to improve wear performance. Deposits can be machined by either milling or turning and/or ground. VRC CU04 has very high flowability and is inertly vacuum sealed for long shelf life and transport. VRC CU04 can be inertly packaged in 2.5 or 5-pound containers.

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